Elk Clan

The Elk Clan stand at the Southwest, between the Wolf and the Drake. They have little in common with their neighbors, oddly enough. Where the Wolf are grim and dutiful and the Drake hard and pragamatic, the Elk are boisterous and cheerful. They claim they were chosen by their ancestor-spirits for their warm hearts and love of good companionship.

The Elk honor the ancestral virtue of Generosity. They are excellent hosts and good friends. The clan also has a bit of a reputation for being generous with their affections, although overall they frown on dishonorable romantic behavior. Many excellent skalds arise from the Elk bloodlines, appropriate given their love of song and storytelling. They are also excellent brewers, producing meads and ales that are beloved across Haeurnheim.

Each Elk settlement by tradition has a small grove of trees or, if in forested territory, a carefully maintained glade to honor their forebears. Their notable settlements are given the suffix -glad. They favor the name elements of “elg” or “elgr.” The Elk Jarl rules from the seat of Sollaglad, a sprawling hold noted for the finest festivals in the realm.

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Elk Clan

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