Thromholt, “the Storm’s Lair,” is a large town along the White Bear Road in Wolf Clan territory. It is well fortified, with a quilt of outlying farms feeding the town’s trade.

Hall of the Skylords

The temple to the gods is in the keeping of two priests. Halvar Gods-Touched is a craggy, wild-eyed man who is said to have been struck by lightning in his youth. Helgria Deep-speaker is a stern, snowy-haired woman with a talent for dowsing.

The Jarl’s Court

Thromholt has been in the keeping of the Starhammer family for several generations. The first Starhammer jarl was Gulvolf the Thunderous, a powerful warrior who came to the aid of a dwarven clan in need without asking reward. Moved by his spirit, the dwarves forged him a pair of meteoric hammers that became the pride of his line. Since then, the Starhammers have done what was necessary to raise children strong enough to aspire to the rank of jarl. The current jarl of Thromholt is Angrulf Starhammer, a young but well-proven man who came to the throne early following the untimely death of Jarl Angraef.

Angrulf is advised by his mother, Druin Dirasdottir, and by the wolf-speaker Ulfriga Cairnmaker. Among his most trusted huscarls are the veteran Gunnholm Bonecreaker, the wily Sogr Longknife.


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