Wolf Clan

The Wolf Clan is the Clan of the West. Their myths state that the wolf-ancestors chose their people thanks to their strong family bonds, and it’s true that there’s rarely a better way to start a fight with a Wolf than to harm her loved ones. They are not a particularly numerous clan, and much of the clan lands are allowed to run wild.

The legendary virtue ascribed to the wolf is Loyalty — the oath between husband and wife, the ties of blood, the duty of a people to their jarl and a jarl to his people. The stereotype among the other Clans is that the Wolf Clan are serious and standoffish, polite but not welcoming to those not of their blood. They have a reputation for producing excellent hunters and trackers. Wolf-trained bounty hunters are well-regarded for their ability, but those Wolves who turn bandit are also infamous for being wily and dangerous.

The Wolf Clan call their steadings “holts.” They favor the name elements of “ulf” or “valf.” Their largest settlement is Skollholt, a small city where the Wolf Jarl comes to rule during the summer season. The present Wolf Jarl is Valfthorn Manslayer, a hard-eyed widower who has pursued an unceasing vendetta against the Kreskan raiders who slew his wife.

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Wolf Clan

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